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We are pleased to present you the GEMADOOR brand, which we have made based on our furniture and wood design experience for many years.

GEMADOOR ARCHITECTURE has a long history and emerged with the merger of MARE Furniture Design, founded in 1959, and G.K.S ​​Giftware and Furniture, founded in 1998.

GEMADOOR ARCHITECTURE carries out its production in two separate factories in Istanbul Hadımköy Region and Avcılar Firizköy region in a 6000 square meter closed and 3000 square meter open area.

GEMADOOR ARCHITECTURE has the capacity to produce 4000 interior room doors and 2500 m3 kitchen per month.

GEMADOOR ARCHITECTURE is based on three criteria and never gives up; good quality and good service. It always trusts what it produces and stands behind the product, takes customer satisfaction as a basis, seeks long-term work, and shares its experience and knowledge.

With its production facilities equipped with the best machinery and equipment in the sector, it aimed to meet the demands of the consumers with a fast and high quality service approach.